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Built Different

Our mission is to teach the human race how to live authentic healthy lives through fitness. We cater to any client that provides the determination to break through comfort zones. 

About Gabriel

Fitness Trainer

Gabriel P Selochan is 28 years of age, ex-collegiate athlete with a passion for health and fitness. After his baseball career came to an end, he decided to give back. With his experience and knowledge about eating the right way and properly training for 15+ years, he turned to personal training. Gabriel now trains clients 1 on 1 and online with his NASM certification.

King P wasn’t an accident. Gabriel’s attitude and purpose guided him into a royalty mindset and believes we all should be addressed as kings and queens. With his well-rounded background and overall aura, he has become one of the top go-to trainers. Gabriel believes any physical goal can be achieved with dedication and discipline.

“Today is the day” is what you might hear from Gabe daily. He constantly reminds his clients that we must remain consistent. Consistency is key when it comes to striving for perfection, with anything in life. ‘car-pe di-em’ is Gabe’s favorite tattoo on his wrist; ‘seize the day’ as we must push ourselves and overcome adversity the very first time it presents itself. 

Today's The Day!

What are you waiting for?

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